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this. >> a little silly. i usually do it at home in front of my mirror and not near front of everybody. >> it makes sense. and it will keep you young. >> i recently had a big birthday, 50, so i think it's working. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> for more information, you can go to see you all next time. for the first time, we're hearing the gunfire that injured a 1-year-old boy in richmond. >> that little boy was hit by a stray bullet in richmond and was taken to children's hospital in oakland. mike, you were able to track
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down the little boy's mother today? >> reporter: that's right, frank, and she told me that little elijah turned 1 on march 14 and two weeks later, here he is rushed to the hospital in oakland with a bullet fragment in his neck, and she is just grateful that he is alert and laughing and alive. >> he is doing wonderful. he is a tough little guy. >> reporter: a tough 1-year-old who was visiting at this apartment complex at 1:15 yesterday afternoon when suddenly -- gunfire on the shot spotter. 19 shots recorded in less than six seconds. listen again and then listen to elijah's mother. [gunshots] >> all i heard was his grandpa
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coming and saying gunshots. and i thought only of my son. >> thank god. i could have had three or four funerals in the home. >> reporter: one police source said that the gunman was firing on a man on a bicycle outside the complex on west macdonald. >> this used to be under control. >> reporter: elijah's mother said that one of the bullets hit him, and the gunman was not caught. >> i forgive the guy for who done this and hope he gets help. somebody needs to get this guy off his feet and get him help. >> reporter: a lieutenant with the richmond police department told me today there were two homicides in the city this year, a low number compared to years past. there is a reward in the case. mike mibach, channel 2news. investigators are trying to figure out with a caused a two- alarm fire that sent a man to the hospital on autumn oak circle. investigators say that the
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victim who lives in the house was burned trying to get to the garage to save his pickup. he was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and burns to his feet. the principal said it's just sad. someone stole 22 mac book computers from a san bruno elementary school. john sasaki is live with more on why they did it and left a bloody mess behind. john? >> reporter: gasia, this is where the bad guys got in, cut this chain and through the gate and broke into the technology classroom. a small window and a door had to be replaced today after someone broke through a door and made off with a collection of mac book computers last night. >> that's sad that you think that's okay, to steal from kids. >> reporter: the thieves got into the roomfuly stocked with imac computers and filled with ipads, ipods, and computers but went straight to the newest and most expensive mac books. >> not only a loss for the
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children and what they're losing, the technology but for children when something like this happens, it scares them. >> i think whoever took these knew exactly this was the most expensive computer in the room. >> reporter: raising the possibility that the criminals knew the layout and the way each computer was stored. they dropped four of them outside while getting away. >> why? why would somebody do that? that's why i was asked. why would somebody do that? why? >> reporter: she teaches her students with the computers every day and was happy that the criminals left behind important evidence. >> clearly, they cut themselves pretty deeply. the blood was here on the floor and up through the door. >> reporter: the school is now on spring break, and they are hoping to find the computers before the students return a week from monday. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. and police have just released names of the third
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officer-involved shooting of the year. police vai robin fille was driving a stolen car and tried to run over the officer on the williey on glen neighborhood. the officer opened fire shooting fillie and her passenger, samuel rose. both were booked on charges and outstanding warrants. a family in the san francisco bay view district received a rude awakening when a car slammed spoke their house and the driver took off. it happened about 4:00 this morning on haas street. people thought it was an earthquake but then saw the car in the side of the house. the crash did about $10,000 worth of damage. >> it knocked all of are you stuff to the garage and the paper and the dryer completely broken and pushed the dryer all the way in, and we have to get a new dryer, just crazy. >> the witnesses couldn't tell if the driver was a man or a
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woman. police say that the person may have been intoxicated and when that person is caught, she or he will at the very least face hit and run charges. and the giant's superstar buster poseyy signed a new contract today, an eight-year deal that will pay $167 million. that's a little over $20 million per year and the biggest contract in giants' history and the most ever for a major league catcher. posey was the national league batting champ last season hitting .336. he is set to speak at 5:20 from at&t park, and we'll bring that to you live. people around the world are celebrating good friday. in san francisco, several religious groups participated in the stations of the cross led by non-profit ministry that provided support to homeless youth. they said they were joining in
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solidarity with those suffering daily. >> a lot of buildings and the economy is being built up, and yet, people are suffering. there are people on the street who is have nothing. when you see them, touch them, talk to them. give them something to eat. they're human beings. >> the stations of the cross traces what are believed to be jesus's steps in the final hours before his crusification. after the service today, pope francis led a candle lit procession. and the unemployment rate fell last month. matt keller is live at two businesses that are hiring. >> reporter: the economy has been described as a rollercoaster over the last few years with a lot of ups and downs. >> definitely see things going in an upward way, but for other
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people, the less fortunate, i see things getting worse out here because of the economy. >> reporter: great america in santa clara has turned the rollercoaster anology on its head. >> this is a sign of things to come. we want to invest in the park. >> reporter: great america employs 2500 people from march to october. a new report shows that california added more than 41,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 9. 6%. this is jared's first day on his first job ever. >> you know, you have to apply to a lot of jobs, and a lot of people don't give you a chance and require a lot of requirements these days. >> reporter: just a football toss away, vernon davis is taking over a jamba juice. his store hired four people in the last few weeks and is advertising for at least four more employees. >> i remember when i was a
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young kid, and i couldn't find a job. i know what it's like. everyone, they -- i mean, they have to eat. they have to have some type of income to survive. >> reporter: a new report show s the biggest tbain in consumer spending in five months, and consumer sentiment appears to be on the rise. the index came in this month at 78.6 and compares with 77. 8 in february and 76. 2 a year ago. analysts say that consumers might be encouraged by the lower unemployment numbers. president obama was in florida promoting his plan to create construction and other jobs and spoke about $2 billion in upgrades at a port. >> you have the chamber of commerce and afl-cio agreeing to better infrastructure
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knowing it will help both businesses and workers. so if you have the chamber and the unions agreeing, then the politicians should be able to agree, too. >> president obama's proposals include $4 billion on new spending on infrastructure programs. the proposals would need approval from congress. a capitol advisors portfolio manager was arrested by federal agents today and charmed with security fraud. michael steinberg is accused of short selling dell and nvidia stock. he waat the center of an elite criminal club where cheating and corruption were rewarding, he said. he surrendered his passport and posted his $3 million bail. his lawyer said his client did absolutely nothing wrong. the founder of a south bay research company is under arrest facing fraud and money
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laundering charges. 52-year-old ali kashani is accused of submitting overlapping grant applications and receiving $1. 2 million from nasa and the national science foundation for the same science project. he is the head of atlanta scientific in san jose. the white house said north korea is deepening the isolation with the latest round of threats against the united states. kim jung un said that they are ready "to settle accounts with the u.s. "some analysts say mr. kim is likely just posturing. >> the north koreaians don't want a war but clearly, they want to provoke, and that may be for domestic consumption for a young new leader consolidating his approximation or winning the support of the military or for purposes of
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trying to coercely plea bargain. >> and the north koreans held a massive rally in the capitol. authorities in morgan hill have uncovered what they are calling a sophisticated marijuana growing operation. take a look. they seized nearly 2800 marijuana plants and 30 pounds of processed marijuana from a warehouse. detectives say that they had an elaborate air filtration and reduction system. a 32-year-old faces felony charges. investigators say daniel segel did not obtain a business license. and our washington, d.c. bureau has confirmed that the nine supreme court justices met in secret today in a room at the back of the supreme court. the court is weighing proposition 8 and the defense
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of marriages act defining marriage between a man and a woman. the friday meetings are a mysterious tradition. >> they have rules. they go around the conference table and speak their mind and hash it out. >> they are not expected to issue a ruling until june. last month, we reported that the u.s. senate barbershop cost taxpayers $1 million in the past three years. the cutbacks made after our investigation. >> the holiday weekend is coming up, and it's nice out there now. fog at the coast but changes and rain in the bay area weekend forecast. the timeline and showers that you can expect.
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as we first reported for you here at 5:00 earlier this month, since 2010, taxpayers bailed out the senate at a cost of more than $1 million, and now as scott macfarland
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reports, the senate is cutting back. >> reporter: how much do you pay your stylist or barber? we are told the cuts are $35 here and the dye job, $105, but some of the staff paid out $80,000 a year before tips, and in the process, this place is hemorrhaging money. taxpayers had to cough up $400,000 to help pay the bills last year. it's just one of the perks that the senators have, and they also have the subway system that takes them to the personal offices and cafes and post offices on the campus ground. and it brings them to the barbershop that is causing the most outrage. >> why do these things happen in the first place? >> i think for two reasons. one, it's nostalgia. you have the institutions, the barbershop or post office and have been here forever. and plus, members of congress like their perks.
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>> reporter: when we broke the story last month, the senate banned our cameras from going in the barbershop but they didn't comment today when they asked if they were trimming back the operations. scott macfarlane, ktvu, channel 2news. a new databank shows that bank of america gets the most complaints about mortgages. there have been more than 15,000 complaints against the bank since december of 2011. most were about loan modifications, debt collections, and foreclosures. san francisco-based wells fargo had about 8,000 complaints and jpmorgan chase has about 5000 complaints. the federal government accountability office has given generally good grades to the california high-speed rail authority for the estimates. the gao said that the state agency has generally used what it considers best practices to
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estimate the ridership and revenue. however, the gao was unable to judge the validity of the cost estimates. the high speed rail authority has pegged the price of the bullet train between northern and southern california at $68 billion. u.p.s. has agreed to pay a $40 million fine to end a federal criminal investigation. the money that u.p.s. made to deliveries were connected to illegal online pharmacies, and u.p.s. promised to block criminals from using the ships service. fedex is also investigated. it has denied any wrongdoing and refused to accept the plea bargain. dozens of arrests made at the bay area nuclear weapons lab. there were there as 35 peaceful protesters were taken into custody blocking the main gates of the lawrence-livermore laboratory. religious and anti-nuclear groups have held the good friday protests for the last three decades now. >> we have moved in the
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direction, but we need to do more and need to think of peaceful uses of energy that are green. >> demonstrators say that the theme of this year's protest is based on the title of a dr. martin luther king junior book "where do we go from here, chaos or community in" . the dental board of oklahoma may change its prat happened in tules a oral surgeon scott harrington used rusty instruments and unsanitary practices. as we reported yesterday, thousands of patients are urged to get tested for diseases including hiv and hepatitis. at least one patient has tested positive for both of those diseases. today, the oklahoma dental board said it will focus more on routine inspections instead of misconduct complaints. harrington has surrendered his license and shut down his office. officials in new york city are fighting to spring back the city's ban on the sale of
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sugary drinks. an appeal was filed after the judge struck the ban down earlier this month understand that limit the size of soda cups to 16 ounces at city food services establishments. mayor bloomberg said it's important in the battle against obesity. health officials plan to kickoff a new anti-smoking campaign on monday, a set of ads of real people harmed by smoking. this is the second set of ads that the centers for disease control has rused saying that smoking is the number one preventible cause of san diego. let's talk -- death. let's talk about the weather, and it was a spectacular day. and within the last hour, clouds have moved in. and the high today, we had mid and upper 70s in places. it was very, very warm, very sunny. you can see the system that i'm tracking offshore. and as we go into tomorrow, it will start working through the bay area. this area here, this is where
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all the energy is, and it will start moving -- actually, it's starting to move right now, and when it does, it will bring showers. light showers north of the area now, and i don't know if you are seeing any of this. but a few sprinkles could fall, and this line moves on shore, not a big deal, but it could be a little bit of drizzle or what have you and this is all in the advance of the low center and continue to spin the moisture bands on shore, and there you go. it's not hitting the ground, but i wouldn't be surprised if the next wave brings a few sprinkles to the coast in the next 20 to 30 minutes. and here's how it looks as we go through the next couple days. the clouds increase, and these are the current temperatures. it's 78 in walnut creek right now, warm, and look. 56 at half moon bay. what happened? the fog came back in about 1:00 today when it started pushing back up the coast and the wind switched around from offshore
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to on shore, and things started to cool at the coast. and temperatures will cool down tomorrow and, it will be mild, not cold and cool down tomorrow as you get into more cloud cover and a shot at rain or showers in the forecast by tomorrow night and the forecast overnight, mild. 50 in vallejo and 50 in fairfield, and mostly cloudy and a few sprinkles as i mentioned. as we get into your saturday afternoon, saturday night, we have showers and rain back in the forecast, and they will linger into the holiday weekend. all the details with the latest timeline for showers in your neighborhood for the holiday weekend. see you back here in about 15 minutes. it's a new season and a new ride. we told you about great america opening, and we'll take you inside for a look at a new attraction. >> and we are expecting to hear from giants' catcher buster posey at any minute. he hit it big as the giants sign him to a huge contract
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the f.b.i. said that the most popular file in the public online library isn't about criminals or spies but ufos. it contains a memo written in 1950 to director j. edgar hoover and passes on "third hand information in the new mexico desert with three silver
5:26 pm
disks with small human-like bodies." no one followed up on the memo probably because they didn't find the information credible. thousands of people were in santa clara today for opening day at great america as we brought you earlier in the newscast. the company that owns the park did renovations over the summer, repainting and restoring all the building. they will celebrate all weekend long giving out prizes tomorrow and sunday as well as hosting special easter events. >> bringing my kids here to see what i seen as a kid. >> one thing not open is the gold striker rollercoaster, 108 feet tall and goes more than 53 miles per hour and has a 174- foot initial descent tunnel that resembles a mine shaft. it will be the tallest and fastest wooden rollercoaster in northern california. it's set to open later this spring. united airlines is delaying
5:27 pm
the new denver-tokyo service again because the new 787 dreamliners are still grounded. united said the flights to tokyo will begin on june 10. it had already pushed back the original starting date of march 31 to may 12. boeing fleet of 787s have been grounded since january after the lithium ion batteries caught fire. boeing is testing a redesign to convince safety regulators to allow airlines to resume using the plane. we've been telling you about buster posey signing a huge new contract extension, and he will be holding a press conference soon. he has pushed that back just a little, and it's set to start in about six minutes or so, and when it does, we'll bring it to you live. the vietnam war 40 years later, why many veterans are
5:28 pm
just now getting treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. >> and california's leading the way, how the golden state's gas standards could become the norm for the rest of the nation. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. the obama adstrags wants the rest of the nation to use the same gas that we buy in california. the california formulation has a lower sulfur content and is designed to reduce emissions. but it could also cost drivers more. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency unveiled proposed rules to cut gasoline emissions. cleaner gas means cleaner air. >> we think it goes too far, too fast. >> reporter: the oil industry said more regulations aren't needed and gas is clean enough. they say the proposed rules may mean higher prices at the pump.
5:31 pm
>> it's an enormous cost. our cost estimates are based on how much more it will cost refiners to make gas lean. >> reporter: we could be paying 9 cents more per gallon, but the white house said that it will rise less than a penny. clean air advocates say reducing sulfur and gasoline by 2017 is like taking 30 million cars off the road. >> the pollution is still polluting too many cities. >> reporter: the epa said once the clean gas rules take effect, 2400 lives will be saved each year. ktvu channel 2news. 40 years ago today, the last combat troops left vietnam ending a painful chapter in u.s. history. we go live to the veteran's hospital in palo alto with one veteran's story and why it took 40 years to get help. >> reporter: the hospital here
5:32 pm
in palo alto treated more than 750,000 vets last year and more than half of them from the vietnam war era. the last u.s. combat troops last vietnam on this day more than 40 years ago. >> and it's kind of like, when the war was over, that was it. nobody talked about it again for years. it was like it was something that never happened. here's me in basic training. >> reporter: at just 19 years old, gary higgins was drafted to fight in vietnam and came back with a purple heart, shrapnel in his arm and face and painful memories. >> i just know this. you get an experience like that, and it would be like being in a plane crash or something. you never forget it, you know. i put dead people on helicopters, you know, guys i knew. and that is -- you can always remember that. that doesn't go away. >> reporter: it wasn't until just three months ago that his
5:33 pm
va counselor recommend that he get treatment for post- traumatic stress disorder. >> nobody told me it would be a good idea to do. >> one of the symptoms of ptsd is avoidance, human nature, you know, to avoid problems that have been around for a while. >> reporter: in 2008, va hospitals actively screen for ptsd in the clinics, and the vets diagnosed have increased. >> we know a lot more about the psycho therapy and a lot more about medication, and help is out there. >> reporter: and the doctor said that another reason why many vietnam vets are just now getting treatment for ptsd is most of them have retired and now have more time to reflect on the experiences from years ago. allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2news. and new analysis shows that
5:34 pm
the last two wars will be the most expensive in history, between 4 there and $6 trillion have cost taxpayers $2 trillion so far. the larger future expenses will be medical care and disability benefits. a deadly day in iraq after a series of bombings. at least 22 people are dead. the attacks are the latest by the insurgents. the deadliest bombing was a car bomb after worshippers were leaving a mosque after prayers. and a $2500 reward for information of a man who robbed a mechanics bank. police say this a man walked in at 11:45 on tuesday morning and demanded money from the teller who gave him an undisclose said amount of cash, and he took off. he is described as a black nan his 40s, 5'8" with a shaved
5:35 pm
head and thin mustache. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police or crime stoppers. the singer caught up with a gay rights controversy is expressing herself by not expressing herself. michelle shocked was supposed to perform in santa cruz last night, but you can see here that she sat silently outside the club to protest the fact that her show was canceled. mo's alley was one of a number of club that is canceled her performances after an anti-gay rant at another club earlier this month. she said that the audience misunderstood her and apologized. an invitation from facebook. journalists are invited to what is called the new home on android. that is really the details that we can get. facebook will launch a modified
5:36 pm
version of android that embeds facebook into the operating system. more than half of facebook's 1 billion-plus monthly users access it on a mobile device. you think your tax bill is big? how about one with 10 digits? mark zuckerberg may be on the line for a $1. 1 billion tax bill. that's based solely on his company's ipo last year. he currently owns more than 500 million shares of facebook. zuckerberg knew the tax bill was coming and sold 30 million shares when the company went public to cover it. a sea rescue of a different kind. how a simple walk for some caused them to be stranded on the open water. >> and he was a theater actor for years and even won a tony. but the man best known as being uncle vernon has passed away.
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we want to take you live to at&t park in san francisco where buster posey, the giants' catcher on the left, is just about to talk about his huge new contract extension, eight years, $167 million, and that works out to $20 million per year. he was the league mvp, the batting champ and arguably the best catcher in baseball. and right now, the president of the giants is talking. >> the major league level and going back to when buster was
5:40 pm
drafted and john barr signed him, and we have gotten to know buster and his family quite well, and there are certain element that is give us a lot of comfort in making this commitment, his professional. , work ethics, maturity, character, the way he plays the game and plays with humility and something that you really want to put a franchise around. and a nine-year commitment sounds like a lot but wasn't scary to us when you look at buster, the person. so i think that the biggest issue or consideration for us was can we get into a commitment like this? who is the person we're committing to, and that became a very easy call on our part when we -- when we thought
5:41 pm
about buster. and you know, what he'll mean to the giants going forward and to this community of giants' fans. so it's a big day for the giants. it's something that happens through a lot of hard work, obviously. and buster has incredible accomplishments on the field, and i take my hat off to jeff berry and buster's representatives at caa and brian and bobby for all the hard work in putting the deal together with jeff and the group at caa. and i think it's truly one of the great days for giants' fans and our fans will be, i know, very privileged to be able to watch buster in the foreseeable future and idealliy, buster will be wearing a giants' uniform for the entirety of his career which is our goal.
5:42 pm
brian? >> what's unique about this as a general manager, without getting corny, we kind of role play a lot of things. and i always put myself in the players' and agents' position as well as well as larry's and the ownership's position, and i don't know if we had a mountain to climb but a hill to climb to try and get on the same page. in buster's case for the franchise, and he is not the face of the franchise, he is certainly the player that comes around once in a baseball life or not that often, and he is a client where you have to do your diligence, not only on behalf of the player's association and how the game works with everybody else's contracts and what other precedents are at hand but, you know, he's a special friend. he's a special person. how do you boil that down? i can't say enough for the efforts of bobby and jeff.
5:43 pm
they were the mechanics and should get all the credit with buster behind the scenes, driving this decision, and larry and i were the facilitators. in this case, we are the people paying the money and gladly so. but it's historic but not as daunting as it may sound. i think the irony here is a general good feeling that everybody wants. ybody complished what they needed to accomplish and to think that this young man will be a giant for most of our lifetimes in this room is pretty amazing and he certainly deserves it. he will be a kid on a mission that is always learning the game. pom humble enough to know that every day is a chance to get better, and that's your job as a professional. and our organization turned on a dime when this fella came to the big leagues.
5:44 pm
a lot to be thankful for. >> thanks. it's great news for all of us, including myself. buster, you know, here with his contract, and it's amazing what he can accomplish already. i kid him all the time. he has checked off every box you can check off, and yet as brian mentioned, he is such a humble person. he is what great players are. they never think they have arrived as a player. he is always still trying to get better and prove and, you know, he -- as special a player as he is, he is more than numbers, more than any stats or numbers. it's what he is about. he does things the right way and prepares himself and his work ethic, all these things. he is -- he is truly an amazing
5:45 pm
talent and person, and i couldn't be happier for him and all of the staff and myself. we saw what he did in 2010. for a rookie to come up and change a ball club and help win the world series, so we're very fortunate to have a special talent and person like buster. >> buster, congratulations. a couple words. >> oh, well, thanks, larry, brian, coach for the kind words. it's hard to put -- hard to put into word what is i feel right now. it's just an incredible feeling uponning that for the next nine years i'll be part of this -- this very storied franchise, and incredibly humbled to know that i'll be part of that and i
5:46 pm
think for me what's so exciting about this is that in such a short period of time, i feel like i've formed great relationships with a lot of people up here at this table, definitely my teammates. i need to thank them for the will and determination they bring each day, constantly trying to get better and push each other. you know, thanks to larry and the ownership group for this commitment, and like he said, not something they take lightly and not something i take lightly, either. bobby, thank you for your professionalism throughout this entire thing and i think somebody that i want to mention, i think -- i think larry mentioned john barr, our
5:47 pm
scouting director i have known for almost 10 years now, someone we see behind the scenes, and we don't see a lot, but big thanks to him for scouting me back in college and giving me a chance to be part of this organization. and i'd like to thank our training staff and all our doctors for getting me back on the field and keeping me healthy. those guys put in as many hours as anybody. and they've -- i know they don't get the credit they deserve. and they're part of -- they're part of what makes all this work, and, again, just to reiterate what is so exciting about this to me is that this is a very family environment. everybody works together and i think that's part of what -- why we have been successful the past few years. and it's really exciting.
5:48 pm
i want to thank jeff for all your hard work. you know, i can't say enough how much i appreciate you representing me the way that i want to be represented and the rest of the crew at caa. thank you very much, and finally, i would just like to finish with my family, a big part of who i am today is how i was raised. very grateful for all my parents did growing up and now with my wife, kristen and two little ones who are pretty quiet right now -- . [laughter] --thank you for your support and a how long me to play this game that i love so much.
5:49 pm
i can't thank you enough. so, you know, i think that about does it. thank you. >> thank you, buster, and now, questions at the microphone, please. >> buster, the contract takes you into your mid-30s, and maybe not to the end here but how important was it to you to wear the uniform? was that something on your mind, and has it been on your mind? >> yeah. i would say it has. you get kind of spoiled when you win the world series in your first year and the big fans and just the giants' community. i don't see how you can play here and not want to spend your career here because a good example is last night in the exhibition game, we had a packed stadium, and it just goes to show you the love these
5:50 pm
fans here have, not only for giants' baseball but i think for baseball in general. >> not bad for 26 years old. listening to buster posey giants' catcher for a 9-year contract for $167 million. more on this after a short break. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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a record number of students want to attend classes on the
5:53 pm
farm next fall. stanford university said it has received almost 39,000 applications from all around the world. that's the largest application pool in stanford's history. last year, they received 36,000 applications. the dean said it picks only 2400 students in 2012. within the past harks some of the best freestyle skiers in the world wrapped up competition today in the u.s. freestyle championships that is taking place through the weekend at heavenly ski resort. it involves skiing over moguls, twisting, spiraling, and twisting through the air. the olympic world champion is leading the team. >> there is a lot more attention on you, and you are busier, but i know how to handle it. >> the competition starts up again tomorrow at 4:30 and will wrap up on sunday afternoon. the sonoma county water
5:54 pm
agency has installed two traps on the russian river to monitor endangered salmon. they are on beach bank of the river. they are used to monitor the threatened cohoe, endangered chinook, and steelhead salmon as they migrate to the pacific ocean. this is what the traps look like. technicians count the fish before releasing them back into the river. and bill, we wish we could hang onto today's weather. >> yeah, and the clouds started pulling in at 3:00 and coastal fog, and started to cool off rapidly, and showers developing offshore with a band of green there. and here is the weather system i'm tracking right here, the low center, and it's working in our direction, and we are seeing a band of moisture getting ready to slide in. and we will see sprinkles in the next 45 minutes. it won't be heavy stuff but
5:55 pm
roads wet and drizzle along the coast, and that's the current live stormtracker image, but as we get into the bay area weekend, things get going as the low tracks over the bay area, and we get maybe a thunderstorm going into sunday, but we will see showers saturday night into sunday morning. 76 in walnut creek, and it's really warm inland. look at the yellows around the coast and the bay. that's a lot cooler because of the on shore wind and things have started to cool down coast and bayside, and that changes tomorrow. more cloud cover and showers showing up in the afternoon, and certainly rain saturday night into sunday morning, and that's your best bet for scattered showers. sunday is the wettest day on the bay area weekend. saturday morning, here we are, showers and sprinkles here but cloudy and no rain yet. and here we are saturday afternoon. so most of your day, saturday is not bad, and then showers show up saturday afternoon, and here we are sunday early
5:56 pm
morning and late sunday night, and here is easter sunday at 6:00 a.m. it's pretty wet but not a big storm, no. but sprinkles, showers, a .25" maybe .50" at north bay, and here we are sunday afternoon and left over for monday. so you get the picture, unsettled but not cool with the highs in the 60s. so it's a warm weather system, and 69 in brentwood, tomorrow's forecast high, so despite mostly cloudy conditions, we're looking pretty good with cloud cover, this time you expect the 50s, and we will be in the upper 50s. so overnight saturday into sunday morning, let's see if that comes up. there. easter sunday looks kind of wet. >> not good timing on this one, but we will take the rain. into it would be nice to get but not them. >>thank you. the musicians of the san francisco symphony may be on strike, but it hasn't stopped them from doing what they love
5:57 pm
to do. >> they all played together for the first time since the strike began more than two weeks ago, and our photojournalist was there as the symphony rehearsed for a free community concert. & >> i've been playing the violin since i was a kid, i started playing when i was 4, and i played by whole life every day, practically, playing the violin. when you start, you take on the emotions of the piece, and it sort of -- in this piece, it's a story it. becomes an emotional journey as you play it. are you hear everyone playing around you but also, your own feeling as you are playing.
5:58 pm
we all feel the music deeply. so no matter how you approach it from conducting or the actual sound production, i think we're, you know, immersed in it. sometimes, you'll see a smile or people glancing at each other with a lot of concentration going on just to play at this high level, and you really need to be on your toes all the time. >> the symphony announced that contract negotiations have resumed with the help of a federal mediator. the musicians are striking over proposed wage freezes and benefit cuts. management said that the you -- musicians are already the highest paid in the country and that it needs to practice financial responsible. the free concert 8:00 tomorrow night at a temp ole california
5:59 pm
and webster streets. the fda has approved the first of its kind diabetes drug. it uses a new method to lower blood sugar and works with adults with type 2 diabetes. the drug is a once a day medicine, and it blocks the reabsorption of sugar by the kidneys. and we are getting a closer look at the bay bridge span. in a few minutes, we'll show you the broken bolt in question and ask transportation officials what they plan to do to make sure the fix meets safety standards. >> and new at 6:00, this gull was found just in the nick of time. he was wrapped in plastic wrap. the effort it took to save it.

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